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At Straight Arrow Construction, Inc., when we say “One Call Handles it All", we mean it! We help you bring your construction project to reality by offering all aspects of construction.


At Straight Arrow Construction, Inc., safety is everyone's business and is always our first priority. Everytime we enter onto a construction site, safety and loss prevention are our main concerns. Every person entering any construction site, for any reason, is required to adhere to Straight Arrow Construction, Inc.'s safety program, along with all federal, state and local safety standards and requirements.
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Commercial Construction

Defined as: The Building of facilities for business and commerce. Construction sites consist of retail shops, hospitals, medical buildings, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, industrial shops, malls, strip malls and the like.

Straight Arrow Construction, Inc. provides construction services to all types of buildings. We specialize in Tenant Improvements, Remodels, Repairs, and Inspections.

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Defined as: Prior to commencing construction activities

Pre-construction involves preliminary planning and engineering; we help identify the project, potential issues and total cost for the project.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Project scope
  • Site plan and site evaluation
  • City consultations and permit process
  • Estimating services
  • Architecture
  • Engineering
  • Recommendations
  • Material selection
  • Scheduling and control
  • Basically..."Your eyes and ears in the field"
Don't see it listed, don't worry Straight Arrow Construction
customizes pre construction services according to the
customer and their needs.

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Tenant Improvements

We specialize in tenant improvements defined as: building commercial, industrial, and retail interiors.




At Straight Arrow Construction, we specialize in commercial remodels offering design, city submission (if needed), and everything you need to “reconstruct or make over” your business.

Commercial remodels are different than residential remodels because of codes and materials. Commercial Business codes are different because of additional requirements, client safety, corporate restructions and building materials needing to be able to withstand high traffic.


Facillity Inspection Program

We have carefully structured a facility inspection program to fit the commercial industry. We tailor our program to inspect your facility according to your needs. We inspect the exterior for roof leaks, drain clogs, landscaping, window and door problems, parking lot issues, tripping hazards, and anything else that may be a problem or out of place.

Interior inspections includes walls, flooring, counters, unsightly blemishes, safety hazards, and any other areas or structures that may be broken, out-of-order or not up to standard.

We use a detailed spreadsheet checklist, which includes all areas and inspection and what’s included in each. The spreadsheet will also show if your immediate attention is required. This inspection report is provided to you monthly on a compact disc along with your invoice.

Our inspection program is not designed to fix things that are not broken, but is meant to prevent major repairs in the future. By preventing these time consuming and costly repairs in the future, you will not only save yourself the headache, but your money can be spent in areas more beneficial to your business.



At Straight Arrow Construction, we start your project by listening to your wants and needs and then assemble the right team to provide site consultation, preliminary drawings, engineering and design. These plans and an overall estimate is then submitted to you, the client, for approval.

Once given the green light by you, plans are submitted to the appropriate city for approval. If there are any corrections or concerns from the city, we handle it for you! From there, we help turn your vision into a reality.



Defined as: The branch of science and technology concerned with the design building and use of engines, machines & structures.

Value Engineering

Defined as: Value engineering is a systematic method to improve the "value of goods or products and services by using an examination of function. Value as defined is the ratio of function to cost. Value can therefore be increased by either improving the function or reducing the cost...

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Demolitions and Restorations

Our demolition and restoration services comprise of tearing down; an act of demolishing to bring back into former or original condition.


Maintenance and Repairs

Our maintenance and repair program is best described as an act of maintaining care or up-keep and restoring the structure or feature at hand to good or sound condition. We offer monthly, quarterly, semi-yearly, or yearly maintenance options. If and when anything needs repairing, we can do so by preparing an estimate or repairing it on the spot.


City Consultations and Permit Process

Straight Arrow Construction, Inc. provides pre-development consultations with the city. We advocate the approved project through final completion.

We work with our clients from the beginning. We start with the design process; submit to the city for review. Follow up and do any corrections needed in order to expedite issuance of a permit.

After the project has commenced we will schedule all project inspections and meet with the inspectors to obtain approvals throughout the project.

Once the project is complete we will get the final job card signed off so that you can open your doors.


Real Estate Services

Our real estate services consist of REO’s, re-key and secure lock up, construction services, listing, assisting buyers, and all steps of the eviction process.


Notary Services

We provide notary services. Mobile fees do apply.